☰ Milan Loviška
After This, Therefore Because of This

"WARNING: Increased probability of uncertain future events due to the instability of the system. The successive disintegration of the initial set of rules governing structure and behaviour might cause a resistance and/or a headache."
The performers and choreographers Sebastijan Geč and Milan Loviška, and the stage designer and performer Otto Krause started working as a collective of five, which then was reduced to a fine group of three. After This, Therefore Because of This was conceived as a post-traumatic reaction to this reduction caused by unexpected turbulences and failures in the relations both artistic and personal.
The performance examines the concepts of togetherness and companionship. It is an experience machine, in which items and people are repeatedly and pointlessly shuffled around. It is a journey through an imaginary wonderland where all the magic is fake and nothing seems as it appears. At the end, their choices are acknowledged with a reward or only with a promise of it, and consequently, the idea of collectivity is restored and looked upon with the new perspectives that are not just artistically represented, but directly relived.

Concept / Creation / Performance: Sebastijan Geč, Otto Krause, Milan Loviška
Costume: Otto Krause
Duration: Variable (approx. 50 min)

A co-production of Sebastijan Geč, Otto Krause, Milan Loviška and Tanzquartier Wien

Premiere @ Feedback [2nd Edition], 27. April 2013, Tanzquartier, Vienna

Photo: Simon Hellmayr & Sebastijan Geč 2013, Saša Huzjak 2014