☰ Milan Loviška
Behaviours That Puzzle

Jumping For Godless World!

The artists bounce in repetitive motion on vertical axis as they appear from below the sight to disappear above and vice versa. They play with visibility and shifts of focus, and give voice to the atheistic positions underrepresented in the current political and cultural struggle. It is a compelling choreography for two trampolines that is in its repetitive insistence and duration on the edge of motion sickness for the performers and audience alike.

Concept / Creation / Performance: Otto Krause & Milan Loviška
Duration: 1 hour

A co-production of Territorium KV and Kunstraum Niederösterreich

Premiere: 23. April 2015, Group exhibition Spot On Me: 24 April 2015 - 02 May 2015 @ Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna, curated by Peter Kozek

Photo: eSeL.at - Lorenz Seidler 2015