☰ Milan Loviška
Corpus extinctum

The time has come to move for your life once again for the end of the world seems near!
In his latest solo work, Milan Loviška inverts into a theoretical body, that does not exist anymore, has never existed nor can exist any longer. He contracts muscles to cross the abyss between his corporeal paradox and the neural pathways of the bystander audience. On and around the installation “Grandstand” of Ilona Németh he makes a stand of his own, standing opposite or behind, standing for or against, standing alive or dead, or just a handstand.

Concept / Performance: Milan Loviška
Duration: 20 min

Premiere: 17. September 2022 @ Super Nature, Hohenau an der March

A production of Milan Loviška

Photo: Leutgeb/Bezirksblätter, Joanna Pianka, 2022