☰ Milan Loviška
門 [Gate]

Japan is known as the realm of spirits, and Tokyo is its occult epicenter. There are many reports of paranormal presence in its glass towers and underground parking garages. During their BMKÖS International Studio Fellowship 2024 (Auslandsatelierstipendium) in Tokyo, the artists Milan Loviška and Otto Krause challenge currently dominant masculine aesthetics and intellectual sensibilities with their queer perspective and by consciously engaging with usually rejected and mistrusted material and experiences on the repressed peripheries of culture and science. The project 門 [Gate] serves as a conduit for a synthesis of the uncanny, the enigmatic, and the evocative. It is a testament to the past, present, and possible future of the (para)scientific and artistic exploration of the liminality of various supernatural phenomena in Japan, viewing these experiences as gateways to communication across temporal and spatial confines.

Concept: Milan Loviška & Otto Krause
Performance: Milan Loviška
Camera: Otto Krause
Video Editing: Milan Loviška
3D Modeling & Animation: Otto Krause
Sound Recording: Otto Krause
Sound Editing: Milan Loviška

Support: Federal Ministry Republic of Austria Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport, Austrian Cultural Forum Tokyo
Special Thanks: Anne & Sebastian Gross, Studio Gross, Tokyo
Production: Territorium KV, Vienna

Runtime: 22 Min

Premiere: 23.03.2024 & Solo exhibition: 23.-26.03.2024 @ Studio Gross, Tokyo

Video Stills: Territorium KV 2024