☰ Milan Loviška
In the Cold Light of Darkness Something's Gonna Die a.k.a. Ugly Piece of Shit

The Viennese axe massacre in 17 minutes or shift of horror from film to stage.
In this relatively short "performance of horror" the artist explores possibilities of evoking dread, fear, anxiety and tension without a narrative. By combining the defying elements of horror - occultism, sexual imagery, surrealism and disturbance - with the typical archetypal horror characters of a serial killer or a psychopath, he creates a visual gore without a spill of blood. It is like an unsettling dream made of bizarre shapes and grotesque shadows clouded with mystery and perverted suspension, a latent visceral fantasy about removal of repression and expansion of the frontiers of reality.

Concept / Creation / Performance: Milan Loviška
Music: Jakub Królikowski
Costume / Outside eye: Otto Krause
Duration: 17 minutes

A production of Milan Loviška. With support of theatercombinat, Tanzquartier Wien and Raw Matters.

Premiere @ Raw Matters, 20. May 2013, Schikaneder Kino, Vienna

Photo: Rania Moslam 2015