☰ Milan Loviška
puppy has to suffer

A performative contemplation on the mode of artistic (over)production and a choreography for mouth and tongue (with 2 dogs). A naked performer lies in a bed full of costumes made over the years by a costume and stage designer and chews on a continuous line of thread coming out of the sewing machine. In this work the artists deal with the notion of time. What is present instantly belongs already to the past and can be accessed back in the actual not as the thing itself but just as a (i)material representation.
The installation was situated in a small, enclosed exhibition room and the spectators voyeuristically observed the domestic scene through the front window. A photo camera captured the situation in one-minute interval and the printouts were then exhibited together with the set documenting the process of the growing yarn.

Concept / Creation / Performance: Otto Krause, Milan Loviška
Duration: 2 hours

A production of Territorium KV

Premiere: 5.12. 2012, exhibition: 6.12. - 14.12. 2012 @ huf'ak: off space, University of Applied Arts, Vienna

Photo: Otto Krause 2012