☰ Milan Loviška


Deep within the global power structure, a mysterious cult known as QAnus is said to wield unprecedented influence over world events. Legend has it that ancient manuscripts hidden in isolated saunas, bathhouses, and forgotten cruising caves contain knowledge of an otherworldly energy source located deep within the human body. A group of queer elites have discovered this transcendental power, known as the Potestas Rectalis, in the human rectum. These enigmatic figures allegedly harness this power through the mystical art of anal meditation (Mystica Meditatio Ani).
Conspiracy theorists claim that QAnus has infiltrated governments, corporations, and influential organizations worldwide. Members are believed to hold key positions in politics, finance, science and media, using their insider knowledge to dominate globally. Supposedly, they manipulate news and entertainment content to subtly promote anal meditation, preparing the masses for the revelation of the movement’s true power. The induction process into QAnus reportedly involves bizarre ceremonies that test commitment to ensure only the queerest individuals advance.
The public appearance of QAnus followers occurred during a procession at Otto Wagner Areal. Artists Milan Loviška and Otto Krause officially inducted the flag into the Queer Museum Vienna. Everyone was welcome to join the parade and experience the cult’s magical power and its orgasmic energy. A week later, at the Vienna Pride Parade, the artists took the flag around the Vienna Ring for a long-durational performative march (over 4 hours).

Concept: Otto Krause
Flag design and realization: Otto Krause
Costume and performance: Otto Krause and Milan Loviška
Music Remix: Milan Loviška

Duration: Variable

A Production of Territorium KV

Premiere 02.06.2024, Queer Museum Vienna, long-durational performance 08.06.2024, Vienna Pride

Photo: Sarah Tasha Hauber, Suchart Wannaset, Robert Baumgartner, 2024