☰ Milan Loviška

"Many people read superhero stories because they hope to uncover secret strengths hidden within them. They also learn, indirectly and quite correctly, that even the strongest persons must first identify their weaknesses, admit to those weaknesses, and then learn how to circumvent those weaknesses. Only then can they exert their full powers and maintain their strength. That is a valuable lesson to learn. It is the superhero story." (Packer, 2010, p. 246)
PACKER, S. Superheroes & Superegos. Santa Barbara: Praeger/ABC-CLIO, 2010.

The four days long workshop with people with intellectual and related disabilities explored superhero character and facilitated new opportunities of introspection and creative self-analysis.

"As disabled people with their own hardships and limitations, they could reach for the value that the society does not want to grant them – they could become SUPERHEROES, and this, not in the pop-cultural meaning of the word. They remained aware of their human limitations, weaknesses, and the same time they learnt more about their strong points and widened the scope of the abilities they had not known about".
(Łucja Cofta, M.A., the psychologist & art therapist of Przylesie Occupational Therapy Workshop)

The workshop took place within the residency in MPRA program in Poznań, Poland. The topic of superheroes was related to the performance project Esctopia developed during the residency.

Milan Loviška & the participants of Przylesie Occupational Therapy Workshop, 24. - 27. April 2012, Poznań

Support: Nastawnia Association, MPRA, Visegrad Fund, Na Tak Association

Photo: Karolina Rosiejka 2012