☰ Milan Loviška

In this participatory performance experiment on thoughtography, the artists invite their audience to enter one-by-one their paranormal darkroom laboratory and to project images from their mind onto photographic paper. Each session starts with the offering of a swallowable picture. The potential of these “Schluckbildchen” is to make the participants sensible to the supernatural forces, and is equally speculative as the project idea itself. Participants are then asked to direct their actual thoughts onto the paper for a couple of seconds. Every individual thoughtograph that is produced and directly developed in the darkroom, is then interpreted by the visitors themselves.

Concept/ Performance: Otto Krause and Milan Loviška
Performance duration: ca 100 minutes

A production of Territorium KV

Developed and performed @ Unstable Nights, 25 July 2019, Impulstanz, mumok Hofstallung, Vienna

Photo: Territorium KV 2019