☰ Milan Loviška

A durational performance inspired by the idea of a "practising ethnologist" who describes, as a direct witness to a present actuality, what he is perceiving at the very moment. In the performance I am assigned to stand straight and still on one spot and while standing I am speaking out loud what is accessible to my external and internal senses. I am mediating the reality of environment around and inside of me to the others. I can provide only information coming out of my exteroception – sight (without any motion of head), hearing, smell, taste, touch; interoception – temperature, pain, itch, hunger, thirst, muscular and visceral sensation, breathing; and proprioception – kinaesthetic sense, balance. These objective facts must be stripped of any other subjective information. The syntax and vocabulary must stay purely descriptive.
The performance examines how a physical extreme (standing straight and still for a long period of time) influences perception and the oral description of such a perception, and how this information can speak to the spectators in different qualities than those accessible to their own perception.

The Terminal was a three-day durational live art project created by Something Human for PUSH 2013. With reference to Marc Augé's notion of 'non-spaces', and the holding areas at border crossings around the world, the project examined spaces of constraints, limbo and in-betweenness, and their impact on the processes of art-making.

Concept / Performance: Milan Loviška

Premiere: 25. - 27. Octobre 2013 @ The Terminal, 47/49 Tanner St., London

A production of Milan Loviška

Photo: Something Human 2013