☰ Milan Loviška


* Bratislava, Slovakia

Education / degree
2010-2004 Master in Psychology (MA), Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Department of Psychology; Thesis: "Mealtime Behaviour and Food Choice of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders"
2007-2003 Foundation degree (DiS.) in Contemporary Dance and Dance Theatre, Duncan Centre Conservatory in Prague; Thesis: "Dance – A Stimulating Factor in Pre-School Child Development"; Performance: "S.A.L.E. (Sporty Animal-Loving Extravert)"

Education / non - degree
2008 Association of Handicapped Children in Czech Republic, Prague
Course in personal assistance accredited by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of Czech Republic
2007-2006 School for New Dance Development (SNDO), De Theaterschool, Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor Kunsten (AHK), Amsterdam
Guest studies in dance & performing arts
2004-2001 Masaryk University in Brno (CZ), Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Department of Psychology

Awards & Scholarships
2021 BKA International Studio Fellowship (Auslandsatelierstipendium) in Tokyo
2018 Julian Turner's Turner Prize
2018 H13 Lower Austria Prize for Performance
2011 DanceWeb Scholarship, Impulstanz Festival in Vienna
2008 Molitan Trophy – audience award for the series of performances (My Art; My Art II.: My Name is Frank; Spider)

Artist in Residence Programms
2018 Blitz, Valletta, 4 weeks, project: Furrious
2018 Life Long Burning Wild Card Residency Program, Workshop Foundation, Budapest, 2 weeks, project: Furrious
2013 LM Residency, theatercombinat, Vienna, 2 weeks, project: In the Cold Light of Darkness....
2012 MPRA Program, Nastawnia Association, Poznań, 3 months, project: Esctopia
2009 Stanica, Žilina-Záriečie, 4 weeks, project: My Art: Who’s Frank?

Performance Works & Exhibitions
2018 Furrious – solo exhibition, Blitz, Valletta
2018 Furrious – premiere & solo exhibition, Kunstraum NÖ, Vienna
2018 Furrious – work-in-progress presentation, Trafó Studio, Budapest
2017 Watchdogs – premiered at Raw Matters Large & Long, Arbeitsplatz Vienna
2017 enclosed pleasure – performed at Der blöde dritte Mittwoch, Rhiz, Vienna
2016 P.P.M. [Puzzled.Processed.Meshed.] – premiered at Betwixt Festival, group exhibition Art & Bytes, ArtScience Museum, Singapore
2015 Third Life Project – premiered at WUK, Vienna
2015 Behaviours That Puzzle – premiered at Kunstraum NÖ, group exhibition Spot on Me, Vienna
2015 In the Cold Light of Darkness Something's Gonna Die a.k.a. Ugly Piece of Shit – performed at Imagetanz Festival, Brut, Vienna
2015 After This, Therefore Because of This - performed at Gibanica - 7th Biennial of Slovenian Contemporary Dance Art, Ljubljana
2014 After This, Therefore Because of This - performed at Platforma po platformi, Plesna izba, Maribor
2014 enclosed pleasure – performed at WUK, Vienna
2014 Esctopia - 2nd premiere, WUK Projektraum, Vienna
2013 Teaser - excerpt from Esctopia, performed at Dark Start, WUK, Vienna
2013 White – premiered at The Terminal, 47/49 Tanner Street, London
2013 In the Cold Light of Darkness Something's Gonna Die a.k.a. Ugly Piece of Shit – premiered at Raw Matters, Schikaneder Kino, Vienna
2013 After This, Therefore Because of This – premiered at the Feedback Festival [2nd Edition], Tanzquartier, Vienna; performed at Brut, Vienna
2012 puppy has to suffer – premiere and exhibition at huf'ak: off space, University of Applied Arts, Vienna
2012 Esctopia – 1st premiere at The Malta Festival, The Rootz, Poznań; performed at Kiosk Festival, Žilina
2012 Re-S.A.L.E. (Sporty Animal-Loving Extrovert) - performed at Crossbreeds, Palais Kabelwerk, Vienna
2011 EchoodH – premiered in Trafo Gallery, Prague
2010 My Art: Who's Frank? - performed at Theatre Ponec, Prague; Mikro Hybaj ho! Festival, Studio Alta, Prague; Kiosk Festival, Stanica, Žilina; Off Europa Festival, LOFFT, Leipzig
2010 Re-S.A.L.E. (Sporty Animal-Loving Extrovert) - performed at Studio Alta, Prague
2009 My Art: Who's Frank? - premiered at Stanica, Žilina
2009 Re-S.A.L.E. (Sporty Animal-Loving Extrovert) - premiered at The International Festival Zero Point, Hall C, Prague
2008 Spider - premiered at Theatre Řeznická, Prague
2008 My Art II.: My Name Is Frank - premiered at Theatre Řeznická, Prague
2008 My Art - premiered at Theatre Řeznická, Prague
2008 S.A.L.E. (Sporty Animal-Loving Extrovert) – performed at Happy Days Festival, Hradec Králové
2007 S.A.L.E. (Sporty Animal-Loving Extrovert)" - premiered at Duncan Centre Theatre, Prague; performed at Badhuis Theatre Amsterdam; Lab01, Post CS, Amsterdam.
2007 I Hate Clowns and Valentine - premiered at Illuseum, Amsterdam

Collaborations (Choreography, Dramaturgy, Performance, Co-creation)
2019 Habitat - by Doris Uhlich, Chor. realisation Milan Loviška, et al., premiered at Halle E / Tanzquartier, Vienna
2018 Something for the Heart – by Deborah Hazler and Macarena Campbell, Dramaturgy Milan Loviška, premiered at Tanzquartier, Vienna
2017 Habitat - by Doris Uhlich, premiered at Donaufestival, Krems
2016/17 Das goldene Vlies - Dir. Alia Luque, Chor. Milan Loviška, premiered at Landestheater Niederösterreich, St. Pölten
2016 The Inefficient Body - Anti-Capitalist Strategy: A Symposium – by Deborah Hazler, dramaturgy Milan Loviška, premiered at WUK, Vienna
2015 More Than Naked – by Doris Uhlich, performed at CNDB, Bucharest
2015 Cruel Expectations - by Deborah Hazler and Milan Loviška, performed at WUK, Vienna
2015 Mechanisms of Happiness - by Anna Vasof, performed at Sammlung Lenikus Studios, Vienna
2014 100 pas presque – by Taoufiq Izeddiou/Cie. Anania, performed at Tanzquartier, Vienna
2014 Cruel Expectations – by Deborah Hazler and Milan Loviška, excerpt at Judson Church, NYC; premiered at WUK, Vienna
2014 More Than Naked – by Doris Uhlich, performed at WUK, Vienna; Mousonturm, Frankfurt; MDT, Stockholm; 4+4 Days Festival, Prague; PifT Festival, Freiburg ; NEXT Festival, Kortrijk
2014 The Dance I Don't Want to Remember – by Oleg Soulimenko, premiered at Tanzquartier, Vienna
2013 More Than Naked – by Doris Uhlich, premiered at Impulstanz Festival, Vienna
2013 enclosed pleasure – by Otto Krause and Milan Loviška, premiere and diploma exhibition at University of Applied Arts, Vienna
2013 Anthropology of Man - by Deborah Hazler, Vogue chor. Milan Loviška, premiered at Imagetanz, Brut Konzerthaus, Vienna
2012 The Show Must Go On - by Jérôme Bel, performed at Tanzquartier, Vienna
2010 Do Not Close - by Kristína Liška-Boková, performed at Theatre NOD, Prague
2009/10 Itinerancy in Branches - by Lenka Tretiagová & Ondřej Lipovský, performed at Theatre Ponec, Prague; Studio Alta, Prague; Ecotechnical Museum, Prague; Kolínský memorial Festival, Kolín
2009 Hard Boiled or Soft Boiled - by Lenka Bartůňková, performed at TNT Festival, Terrassa
2009 Dance to Meet You (experiment nr. 2) - by Ester Forment, premiered at MeetFactory, Prague
2007 Sex Me Not - by Aitana Cordero, performed at De Melkweg Theatre, Amsterdam; Unidanza Festival, Madrid
2007 Radiation - by Romana Schmalisch, premiered at STUK, Löeven
2007 The other - by Ján Mančuška, NOD, Prague; performed for a documentary of Czech Television in 2010
2006 Fragile - by Ai Koyama, premiered at Muidepoort Theatre, Amsterdam
2006 Blown by Us - by Kristína Liška-Boková, premiered at Theatre Na Zábradlí, Prague

Artist Talks / Lectures / Research / Workshops / Other
2019 Thoughtography @ Unstable Nights – research project, mumok Hofstallung, Impulstanz, Vienna
2019 Furrious: Underwater – film screening & talk, k48, Vienna
2018 Furrious: Underwater – film screening & talk, Blitz, Valletta
2017 Third Life Project: HIRO – artist talk, NODE Forum for Digital Arts, Frankfurt
2016 Third Life Project - artist talk, 22nd International Symposium on Electronic Art ISEA2016 Hong Kong Cultural R>evolution
2012 Empathie – research lab with Magdalena Chowaniec, Elisabeth Hirner, Mirjam Klebel, Milan Loviška, Tomate van Monte and Mathias Weiss, University of Salzburg
2012 Superheroes – research workshop with people with intellectual and related disabilities, Association "Na Tak", Poznań
2012 The Audience, the Performer, the Myth and the Sidekick – lecture with students of Faculty of Social Sciences, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań

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