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Milan Loviška and Otto Krause are transdisciplinary artists working in the visual arts and the performing arts context. In their artistic practice, which is deeply rooted in both research and experiment, they explore the potential of performative formats, media, and new technologies to question established modes of perception and to stimulate uncanny perspectives on the relationship between audience and performer. They work intensely with unconventional methods and strategies and are inspired by cross-disciplinary research processes. Between aesthetic opulence and reduction arise physically intense, atmospheric-imaginative works conceptually combining the aspects of popular culture and science, such as superhero comics, psychology, pornography, biology, new electronic media, religion, film studies or philosophy. With their performative investigations, the two artists make strong socio-political statements that are characterized by their unmistakable artistic aesthetics. Their performance-based projects range from big stage works to intimate one-on-one situations in gallery spaces.

The artists live in Vienna and present their work in venues, festivals and symposia in Europe and Asia, such as: ArtScience Museum Singapore, ISEA Hong Kong, Blitz Valletta, Gibanica Biennale for Slovenian Contemporary Dance Ljubljana, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, WUK, Brut and Tanzquartier in Vienna among others. In 2018 they received the H13 Lower Austria Prize for Performance - the only prize for performance art in Austria - awarded by Kunstraum Niederösterreich in Vienna.

Among their projects are - Furrious (premiere Kunstraum NÖ/Vienna 2018); Watchdogs (premiere Arbeitsplatz/Vienna 2017); P.P.M. (premiere Betwixt Festival/Singapore 2016); Third Life Project (premiere WUK/Vienna 2015); Behaviours That Puzzle (premiere Kunstraum NÖ/Vienna 2015); Esctopia (1st premiere Malta Festival/Poznań 2012/ 2nd premiere WUK/Vienna 2014); enclosed pleasure (premiere University of Applied Arts/ Vienna 2013); After This, Therefore Because of This (co-creation with Sebastijan Geč, premiere Tanzquartier/Vienna 2013); puppy has to suffer (premiere University of Applied Arts/ Vienna 2012); EchoodH (premiere Trafo Gallery/Prague 2011).

Territorium – Kunstverein manages the artistic work of Milan Loviška and Otto Krause. The association is registered in the central register (ZVR) of the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior under the registration number (ZVR-Zahl) 578980851.

Otto Krause

Third Life Project