☰ Milan Loviška

enclosed pleasure

With reference to Octave Mirbeau's "The Torture Garden", artists Otto Krause and Milan Loviška plant a utopian potential of the urge for sexual liberty in a 'hortus conclusus' in this one-on-one performance installation. They harvest sublimated violence, death and lust through the practice of total enclosure. In their own post - pornographic approach they oppose the superficial societal self-exposure and display with the creation of intimacy and eroticism, which are the subjects of passion and poetic contemplation.
The installation is adaptable for diverse indoor and outdoor environments, and with each location finds a new space for a meaning that, at first, is always a utopian space. In this context, space is a simulation that extends from the womb and through the skin to a place of 'stepping out of the world'. It is a magnified image of the body and a miniaturised image of the world, providing warmth and safety like flesh that encloses the ego to protect it against undifferentiated contacts.

Concept / Artist's book: Otto Krause
Creation / Performance: Otto Krause, Milan Loviška
Music (Version I. & II.): voice - Curtis McDonald / violin - Anneliese Müller / cello - Karin Fortin / recording - Lars Völkerling

A production of Territorium KV

Performances & exhibition:
Version I. 19.6. - 22.6. & 26.6. 2013, exhibition: 20.6. - 28.6. 2013 @ University of Applied Arts, Vienna
Version II. @ Konichiwa, bitches!, 2014, WUK, Vienna
Version III. @ Der blöde dritte Mittwoch, 2017, Rhiz, Vienna

The artist's book is in the Franklin Furnace Artists' Book Collection in New York.

Photo: Hartmund Erhardt, Bernhard Kleber & Peter Kainz 2013; Otto Krause 2014; Arnold Haberl 2017